Available from the Cammbour series.

Book One, Little Secrets

The first in the series, Little Secrets, sets the world in motion, the epic contrast between the worlds is clear as a world of mythology meets the world of reality.

The 2,000-year struggle must end, the fey and man have worked to rid the world of suffering. With the north rising, the kingdoms must collide. Stepson to a king, Harris Bearwood is given the new title created to end the world of suffering, he must act fast. The Star Child is named within a prophecy, she is different, she is a child of frightening power. With the world in tatters, it is left to the commander, Harris Bearwood, to unite the kingdoms and end the suffering, his tactics are different, strange, however, his tactics must work. Ask no questions, get no lies.

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Book Two Into The Shadows

Second in the series, Into the Shadows, outlines the struggle the world faces during Harris’s time as High Chief Commander.

Cronnin struggles to bring an end to the on-going war. Harris Bearwood’s failure must be rectified. The kingdoms must unite, to bring the world to war. Time is no longer on their side. An heir is needed, but an heir is not always wanted. True colours show from those who would see the Atlanti in control of Cammbour. The fey are failing, but a new king is needed, Harris’s priorities change, time is a healer of nothing.

Book Three The Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood sets the new path Librye must now follow.

Broken and alone, Librye must now make her own way. The fractured remains of Cammbour speak to her, she is a lonely creature, a frightening myth, and just as broken as the world around her. The Brotherhood awakens, protecting the land from the invading forces, even creatures they were once against, become their allies in their gripping quest for peace. The dragons will fly, when the king is found.

Fourth Book in the series, The Promised King.

The Promised King sets Regan Oakwood the task to end the war Harris failed to end.

As the world stirs, the dragons of old awaken. The Promised King must be returned to Cronnin, to take his rightful place beside the throne of King Brenin Oakwood. Harris Bearwood must now step into his former self, while remaining in the shadow of Regan Oakwood. Around every corner they must learn what is lurking. The war has worsened, their struggle goes on, it is now left with their Promised King to guide them. Dorcha Mae Apha has risen, with a legitimate claim to the Kingdom of Arktos, death follows in her wake.

Book Five Annihilation.

Displeased with deception, Regan has a plan to rid the world of Dorcha, while remaining humble, but first he needs to rid the lands of Evenmouth of Dragons.

Rage and fury fuel him now, as Regan journeys to Evenmouth to end the battle once and for all. The Brotherhood must find the heir to the throne of Arktos before the death of the queen, else Dorcha Mae Apha will take her seat upon the frozen throne. He is not the same, raised by the commander, the shadow, he is ready to take on the world, and he is ready to end the battle, only then can the war begin. He knows his enemy well.

The beauty in the world he sees is failing, death must be chased from the lands, Regan will become everything the world needs him to be.

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